Monday, April 27, 2009

More 5 Questions Favorites

Interviewing interesting people in the world of sports is one of my favorite things about writing this blog. Every so often I give myself a break from the stress and pressure of putting new interviews together and reminisce about some favorites. I've decided that I'd really like to catch up with some of the folks I talked to last year. A few have been contacted but I really need to get on the stick to put something together. Here are some of the original interviews with folks I'm hoping to talk to again soon:

On Surfari hosts Shayne and Shannon McIntryre

Lauren Feldman, amateur MMA fighter

Debi Purcell, professional MMA fighter

Freg Roggin, sportscaster extraordinaire

Lisa Guerrero, sports personality, film star, and so much more

Who would you like to see a follow up with?


Lindsay said...

Hmm, how about a followup with Lauren Feldman? The last time you interviewed her for the five questions, I was just starting to read your blog every day. Have you spoken with her since?

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah - I need to get her some questions. She was game when I asked her a few months ago.