Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wild World of Wednesday - April 22, 2009

Technical Difficulties
: The Women's Sports Roundtable that should have been broadcast this past Saturday experienced technical difficulties and cut out early. The episode is now on demand and can be listened to if you click here.

It Costs More Everywhere: Even though the entire world isn't doing so well financially the powers that be still raise ticket prices. I often complain about the rising cost of venues here but caught a piece about how the Man U fans at Old Trafford will be given a ticket price increase next term. Many football clubs in the area lowered prices for their fans but this organization did the opposite. I don't think it will affect attendance given their popularity but still - why raise at all? I guess they are capitalizing on the fact that there is still over 5,000 fans per game that are turned away at every game. Greedy, eh? The message isn't so kind and sure doesn't make them seem like the "good guys" in this time where everyone is tightening the belt.

Yes, We Know: The NFL Draft starts on Saturday. Although I am always interested in who gets picked in the beginning, the overexposure of this event in the last few years is tiring. The NFL Network beats it to death, of course, but ESPN sure does a good share of it as well. I'm just not a big fan of the shoulda/coulda/woulda/what if. Oh, and don't get me wrong - I'd love to be one of the people that gets paid to sit there and analyze and run statistics about who will be picked when. However, I think those are the only people that the scenarios are fun for. For the rest of us - it is as exciting as watching paint dry. The actual event is what I'm interested in.

Today In Sports History

1947 - First NBA Championship: Philadelphia Warriors beat Chicago Stags by 4 games to 2

1981 - Dodgers rookie pitcher Fernando Valenzuela tosses his 3rd shutout in 4 starts

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