Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wild World of Wednesday - April 15, 2009

Wild About Popcorn: I've noticed a lot of chatter in the blogosphere about the New York Liberty. They're certainly reaching out to bloggers and fans all over the country. A while back they made sure to notify me about a Q&A with one of their stars. Check the Liberty's website and they've put together a synopsis of their excitement for the season. In addition, you can receive a free small popcorn with tickets priced $34.50, $39.50, $54.50 and $85. You must mention code SHAMEKA when purchasing tickets at, 877-WNBA-TIX, or The Garden Box Office. Offer expires September 14. You can also have lunch with Kia Vaughn, the Liberty's new draft pick and a Liberty "Just Drafted" t-shirt if you purchase season tickets. You have to act fast on this one - it expires on Friday, April 17.

Wild Times At The Trop
: Summer is not complete without baseball season. The reigning AL champs have just announced their Summer Concert Series lineup with retro faves like Pat Benatar and the B-52s. The wildest part about the Rays is they are back at the "bottom of the heap" so to speak and getting no love at all. Sports media is completely discounting them and any chance of making a statement like they did last year. They've already beat the Red Sox two out of three times in this young season and have split the series with the Yankees so far. They play New York again tonight. Whether they win or lose, it will likely still take quite a while for AL East fans to decide that they are a challenge for the overexposed Yankees and Red Sox. Yeah, you heard me - overexposed. There are many more teams in the league. I'm talking to you ESPN.

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Today In Sports History

1958 - The first MLB game in California is played and the San Francisco Giants beat the Los Angeles Dodgers, 8-0 and a rivalry is born.

1997 - Baseball honors Jackie Robinson by retiring #42 for all teams in the league.


Lindsay said...

Although I receive your posts by email, I always go directly to your site and read them there. The emails are more of a reminder - Apryl's got a new post! Actually, usually I've read them before I see them by email anyway.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Thanks! I appreciate that.

Doret said...

overexposed - that's what happens when there's a monopoly. A lot has already happened in baseball. The Angels pitcher being killed by a drunk driver. That news stop me cold. I just couldn't believe it.
The AL player going 6 for 6 with the cycle last night.
2 players have already hit for the cycle this year.
First time a player hit a homerun from both sides of the plate on opening day. And not one but two players did it on the same team
Reyes scoring from 1st on a passed ball.
And there is so much more that's why I love baseball no matter how long you watch this is always something new.
The Nats look awful. Mets new park CitiField is pretty but man its large. You know its bad for hitters when the announcers say it plays larger than Padres park. Haven't check out the Dodgers yet. How do they look

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah - I wrote about the horrific drunk driving crap last week.

On a happier note - Dodger blue is lookin' good!