Friday, April 3, 2009

Big Babies

Yeah, I get tired of the big babies in the NFL. I really do. These guys get paid a lot more money than most folks will ever see. Gross. Yeah, I know...this is not a new gripe. At any rate, this rant was brought on by the whole Denver and Jay Cutler thing.

I was all for the firing of Mike Shanahan. It isn't that I don't like him, but it was time to go. Just like I thought, as hard as it was to swallow, that it was time for Jon Gruden to get out of Tampa. Both coaches had taken their teams all the way. Well, you could argue that Gruden took Tony Dungy's team to the Super Bowl but it was against his old team so...

So Gruden and Shanahan were both hotheads that got the job done before but lost their luster in recent years. Fans respected them, hated them, enjoyed them and got accustomed to seeing them on the sideline.

But seriously, the choice that Denver had made for their new head coach was interesting. Josh McDaniels had spent most of his coaching career in New England and had worked with the quarterbacks for some of that eight season tenure. This is where the issues start.

McDaniels didn't want Cutler from the start. He felt responsible for the rise of Matt Cassel in Tom Brady's absence. He wanted to show how great he was and bring Cassel to Denver. Well, the Broncos had spent the last several seasons trying to find an heir to the John Elway throne. Cutler seemed to be the most likely candidate. He wasn't perfect, but was darn good and could be called a franchise player.

Fast forward and a whole lot of whining and testosterone contests later - Cutler is out of Denver and in Chicago. The Bears are celebrating since they finally have a real quarterback. The Broncos? They have their new coach and his monstrous ego. Enjoy that.

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