Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wild World of Wednesday - March 11, 2009

****be warned that Chris Berman drops a naughty word in this video - it is pretty funny otherwise so don't let this slip ruin it for you****

Tiger's Back...Again: After not delivering the goods at the Accenture Match Play last week the hype about Tiger's return continues for Doral. It is, however, markedly muted but still the top bill of the event. If Sergio Garcia wins this event he will unseat Woods as the number one after about 540 weeks with this title.

Selection Sunday
: This Sunday, March 15th is Selection Sunday where we all find out what teams are going to be in the March Madness tourney. Today's poll question on ESPN asks what you would change about the process. Like football, finding an NCAA basketball champ comes with complaints. Still, I like the basketball system much better than the BCS. At least in basketball, teams are in a playoff system where football is just a monstrous mess and subject to opinion and other baloney.

He Stays: The Chargers have come to an agreement with LaDainian Tomlinson finally. He is a premier player but after the low production he turned in last season compared to those past fans in SoCal wonder if his heart is really in it. The toe injury that seemed to linger and other incidents make me think not.

Today in Sports History

- Reginald Weir becomes the first African-American to play in the US Tennis Open

Happy Birthday Dan Uggla and Bobby Abreu

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