Thursday, March 12, 2009

Do You Spend Less On Sports?

Are you spending less money on sports? According to ESPN, the start of the Major League Baseball season has a lot more to worry about this year than steroid use. It does seem like there is much less attention being paid to each new revelation of an athlete using performance-enhancing drugs. Is everyone jaded now or just worried about their own bank accounts? Its likely a mix of both - it is no longer big news to find out that your favorite baseball player was using growth hormone or steroids. In addition, who really cares about a guy that is making millions of dollars when there have been layoffs at your company and you are wondering if you are next?

Some MLB teams have gone in-depth to find out what is really affecting their ticket sales. A post by The Sports Economist pointed out that the Cleveland Indians recently discovered that things like fireworks after a game and lower temperatures absolutely impact their ticket sales.

It will be interesting to see how Dodger Stadium fares this season. The organization recently hosted their annual job fair. Many think that the team will save the Los Angeles economy. This is not too far fetched but I'm not totally convinced either. People are starting to realize that in the five years that the McCourts have owned the team the price for a family of four to attend has gone up nearly 57%.

I usually replenish my Dodgers gear about this time of year. Not this time. I already own enough shirts, jerseys, and other gear that I could wear something different every day for almost two months. That usually doesn't stop me and I get at least one new design before the start of the season and a few more as the months pass. Personally, I am so frustrated with the greedy owners that I'm keeping my wallet closed. What happened to those community baseball fields that you were talking about building?

Frank McCourt has a chance to be viewed quite favorably here - lower prices back to where they were five years ago! Parking was $8 when the team changed hands and was $15 last year. Just think of how many frustrated fans like me will start to soften up. At any rate, the always sold-out Chavez Ravine will be a true test as the season progresses. Will this climate mean more empty seats?

Are you spending less on sports now?


Lindsay said...

Yeah i am spending less. I canceled my gym membership. :( This was mostly because I wasn't using it enough, but also because I would save money by canceling. I am instead running outside or walking or going to the college pool where alumni can swim for free. My boyfriend and I were considering joining a softball league but we might not do that to save some money too.

As for attending sporting events, I've cut back. Instead of buying expensive hockey tickets, I try to attend college basketball games, especially women's games during the week. These are less expensive, closer to home and more fun anyway. The teams also appreciate the fan support more.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, I was going to say that the college and "smaller" pro teams are a real bargain. Less money and more appreciation!