Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tales From The Inbox - March 10, 2009

In With The New
: Everyone’s favorite sports personality has a new website. Check out Lisa Guerrero here.

Southern Golf: While you are surfing the web, check out my friends at Augusta Golf Instruction. They have another blog with golf info here.

Me, Myself Update: I had asked about issues with the adidas site’s Me, Myself campaign and got the response that users can no longer upload since that portion of the contest is closed. Voting only is open so click here to vote for your favorite. Voting ends on March 22.

March Madness Contest: I got word of this gem in the mail yesterday…

Between now and the NCAA Men’s Final Four, fans can log onto the Coke Zero “March Madabase” here to upload their craziest and most fanatical videos/photos supporting their favorite NCAA college basketball team. As an example, check out how one die-hard Iowa State Cyclones fan secures his front row seat here

The best fan submitted entries will be featured nationally in a new Coke Zero ad airing immediately prior to tipoff during the championship game on April 6th. Coke Zero has made just two of these before (but this is the first time the fan entries will be used) - take a look at the Kansas one here.

Visit the official "Taste the Madness" site to upload and view videos/photos from colleges around the country here

Preview: Register here for the 2009 Hireko Golf Club Webinar on Thursday, March 12. This first of its kind event starts at 2:00 pm EST and lasts an hour.

Where Are The Women?: Read Golf Gal’s post about women in golf forums here. She even let me put in my $0.02.


Lindsay said...

Apryl, I had to laugh about your comment about the golf forums and how men have assumed you're a man. "Amen, brother!!" Haha!

But I know this shouldn't be funny. This is exactly the problem.

I guess it's just up to women who are on the forums to get their friends to join.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I did find the humor in it as well - I've also never met a man named Apryl but who am I to judge?