Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Edition of Blogspotting

Football: I found the scary video above on Chicks In The Huddle. Nola has a way of finding the football-related content that you just don't see everywhere.

Speaking of women who know their football, I stumbled across the blog Gridiron Goddess. She's got the world's best stadium pictured in her title bar too.

Learn Rugby: I've finally found the information I've been looking for. Your Scrumhalf Connection posted where to find A Beginner's Guide To Rugby from the International Rugby Board. The guide is in six different languages.

Game Chair: And One has found the ultimate game watching chair. It doubles as a gamer chair for the nerd in your life as well. Either way, it's pretty fun.

Don't Let The Door Hit You
: Everyone's favorite narcissist has finally retired. One friend of mine put it best when he said that this guy should probably stick to pitching and keep his opinions to himself.

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Lindsay said...

That intro to rugby is a great link to give to new players. It's even a good reminder to those of us who have been playing awhile. I know of a few family members of mine who would probably like to see the law book as well.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I know - I have to read through and finally understand rugby!