Monday, March 2, 2009

Almost 5 Questions With The Tables Turned

It is always an honor and pleasure when another writer asks me about my opinions, especially when said opinions are about a sport I am actively involved in. Gayle "The Golf Gal" asked me and a few other golfers "The 64 Million Dollar Question". How do we get more women involved in golf? It is a question that I've heard many times in many forms. Hop over to her blog and read what everyone said. She has some great ideas of her own on how to grow women's golf.

I did hit a local course over the weekend and happened to notice that there were more women on the course than the last time I had gone. Most encouragingly, I noticed that there were two teenage girls taking a lesson on the range. When I thought about it, I realized that I have run into more women that golf in recent months. The only place that I noticed this was not the case was in the clubhouse. I played in a foursome with three men on Saturday and when we went in for a bite to eat I was the only woman in the place.

One good sign for women's golf is the LPGA signing a 10 year deal with The Golf Channel. I was actually surprised that TGC didn't already cover more LPGA.

Women's golf only has room to grow. What do you think it would take?


Lindsay said...

I know one of the reasons I don't golf more is because I feel embarrassed to learn in front of a bunch of guys. But when guys want to learn golf, they can just go out with a bunch of guy friends and learn.

I just don't want to slow down the game. That's why if I golf this spring, I'll be going during times when the course is pretty quiet.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Going at twilight times when there are less players is a great time to learn! You would be surprised at how many people on the course really aren't much better than you are though. Every time I think I'm playing poorly I see someone else shank a drive for 15 yards and don't feel so bad. We all learn at some point so don't get discouraged and just have fun with it.