Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tales From The Inbox - March 24, 2008

: This Sunday, March 29 is the start of the season for Women's Professional Soccer. The Los Angeles Sol take on the Washington Freedom. In the meantime, the WPS is trying to get 10,000 fans on Facebook. As I am writing this they are at 9,444. They're on every other major social media spot as well.

Cricket: English captain Charlotte Edwards was confident that her team would reach the World Cup finals. Indeed, the English team defeated New Zealand for the crown after some tense moments. (Thank you Katharine for the link!)

Small Sensation: My favorite basketball fanatic sent me a note about a truly remarkable athlete that she posted a story about the other day:

If you were blind in your right eye, partly deaf, one leg shorter than the other due to scoliosis, 4' 6" tall, 90 pounds and carting around some undeveloped vertebrae, basketball would not be an obvious goal. Tiffara Steward, however, begs to differ.

The New York Times ran an article about Tiffara Steward, a 20-year old college basketball player can hit 3-pointers and is a prodigy despite her stature.

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