Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Sports Wrap - April 27, 2008

The biggest deal in sports today is the remaining rounds of the NFL draft. It’s great that this event is finally here. Certainly fans must be tired of seeing the segments on the NFL Network that have beaten this subject to death. Especially insightful are those that show their production meetings. Yeah, exciting stuff…

The Los Angeles Dodgers play the Colorado Rockies today and are looking for a series sweep. Of course, if you are one of those fans who like to catch their batting practice; don’t bother unless you have an expensive ticket. Apparently, Dodgers BP is now only open to fans that have baseline, dugout, or Stadium Club tickets. Even if you have field box, you have to stand outside of the gate and have the security guards treat you like dirt until they decide to let the commoners in. Thanks so much Frank McCourt for continuing to place a happy day at Chavez Ravine out of reach for all but the elitists that you are trying to cater to. To further rub it in our faces, most of the dugout and baseline seats were empty last night – as they always are. Since I can remember, the stadium was open to all for Dodgers batting practice. The change in policy this year is absolutely infuriating.

Update: After writing this post, I filled out the "contact us" page at the Dodgers' website and told them how I felt. I included my contact information and, to my surprise, they called me this afternoon and apologized for how I was treated. They also said that the fans should have been let in two hours early as they always have been although worded it in such a way that I'm not so sure that is what they meant. I am delighted they called and appreciate that they are at least listening to what fans are saying. Let's see what happens...

The weather is nice almost everywhere so may I suggest that you get out and enjoy it? Participate rather than be a spectator today – or if you are a spectator, why not watch some surfing or beach volleyball while you enjoy the outdoors? Don’t live near a beach? Go hiking, skating, bicycling, or just take a long walk! Let me know what you did!

Today in Sports History

1956 – Rocky Marciano retires from boxing.

1981 – NASL (North American Soccer League) hires first woman as an official for the league.


Lindsay said...

Wow, I am surprised they actually called. That shows something on their part.

I like the today in sports history section. You should do that more often.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah - I'm wiping the grudge off of my face as we speak!

Thanks for the input about sports history - I enjoy researching it as well and do add it every Sunday when there is not a Breakers post. I'll try to include more!