Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Breakers Wrap – April 20, 2008

The Southern California Breakers professional football team hosted their home opener last night against the California Quake. “Home opener” is a bit of a misnomer since a scheduling conflict positioned this game at Dana Hills High School in Dana Point and not the Breakers' usual home of Capistrano Valley High School in Mission Viejo.

The Quake came ready to play off of a 45-14 victory last weekend against the Tucson Monsoon, but they would not deal out such a beating to the Breakers. With a very spirited following, the trash talking across the field was quite serious.

1st Quarter Highlights: The Breakers took possession of the ball but were intercepted by #24, Michelle Friesen (CB) of the Quake. The Quake were not much more productive on their first touch, with #97 Amanda Garcia (LB) and #87 Suzanne Linn (LB) making the necessary play-stoppers in the series. The Breakers third possession of the game had them pinned inside their own 5 yard line. The following play resulted in a fumble that pushed them further back to the 1 yard mark, which set up a safety for the Quake on the next play. Score 2-0 Quake.

2nd Quarter Highlights: The key matchup of the game starts to sound like a broken record from the announcer. The Quake’s RB, #5 Monique Zacky carries only to be stopped by Linn. A long pass puts the Quake in the red zone, but Linn stops Zacky each time and forces them to settle for 3. Linn exhibits her athletic prowess on the other side of the ball by making first down gains and proving to be hard to take down. Late in the Quarter, the Breakers’ #43, Priscilla Gardner (DL) gets a sack and forces a fumble, recovered by Linn. The Breakers are unable to capitalize here, but get a fumble recovery again on the next Quake possession by Garcia. One play forces #53, Tutu Armstrong (LB) to go down and come out for the remainder of the game. Score 5-0 Quake.

3rd Quarter Highlights: The war between Linn and Zacky continues, once with Zacky taking an incredible hit that required some extra time to recover from. During an early Quake possession, Breakers’ #35 Dorothy DeLeon (DB) intercepts the ball. Running back, #28 Vanessa Santillan for the Breakers breaks off a nice run. Score 5-0 Quake.

4th Quarter Highlights: At this point of the game, the Breakers fire and synergy was obvious as they started to put together longer, more productive drives. Linn and Santillan make substantial gains on offense. Nearly driving the length of the field in their last possession, they were eventually stopped just before the end zone by the tough Quake defense with an interception. The resulting Quake possession ran out the clock. Final score 5-0 Quake.

As time expired, Coach Bartley noted that the team was able to hold the Quake to five points by containing Monique “Wheels” Zacky (ironically wearing #5) and staying disciplined. The Breakers played an exceptional game with a very tough opponent. Watch out in the coming weeks as they just keep getting better with time!

You can get the complete team schedule on their website. The next game is in Arizona against the Tucson Monsoon. The next home game is on May 10th and it will be at their regular home field. Check back here for the next Sunday Breakers Wrap on March 11.


Lindsay said...

I was unaware of the IWFL. That's awesome.

Apryl DeLancey said...

It is - and there are teams all over the country!