Saturday, April 19, 2008

This Week Has Been Fun

It seems as we get closer to the NFL Draft, the NFL hype and hoopla is getting out of control. I still can’t get over just how much attention and analysis is given to the schedule. The best commentary had to be the one that said if analysts and reporters get their predictions for the season wrong then they should suffer the same fate as GMs and coaches do when they get it wrong. No such luck. We are constantly subjected to everyone with an opinion’s vision about what division will be strong and who the standouts will be. Now don’t get me wrong – I really love the NFL. I also love the MLB, NBA, MLS, EXPN sports, etc. I’ll be stoked when we finally get a franchise back in Los Angeles also. I guess I just have a short attention span and cannot focus on only one sport.

Speaking of the NFL, Steve McNair announced his retirement this week. Starting way back with the Houston Oilers, he was always a reliable presence when he was healthy. He did have that McNabb-like playing ethic and came within about a yard of a Super Bowl win.

The Dodgers had a respectable week and churned out eleven runs the other night. As Dodger Blues points out, this means nothing. I’m starting to get that sick feeling again. It’s that one that smacks me in the face and says “Hey stupid! You really think the team is going anywhere this year? Wake up!” The start of the season had a really pretty wrapper but the present inside is starting to stink…

Speaking of baseball – I am so absolutely tired of hearing about the Yankees, Mets, Cubs, and Red Sox all day every day. I would like to request that ESPN please just start a new channel dedicated to covering those teams so that the rest of us can watch more interesting sports coverage.

Oh, by the way - no one can ignore the NBA Western Conference now. Go Lakers! Ha ha!

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