Friday, April 4, 2008

Men Behaving Badly

Spring is in the air and that apparently means that sports figures are becoming restless! This week it seems like a higher number of individuals were put into the spotlight for less-than-ideal situations.

Larry Bowa, third base coach for the Los Angeles Dodgers, was ejected from the second game of the season and subsequently suspended for three games. He must have really insulted that umpire to get that much for stepping outside of the line.

Chris Henry was arrested for the fifth time since 2005 and was finally cut by the Cincinnati Bengals. The wide receiver was charged with punching a guy in the face and breaking his car window out. How interesting that the team never thought to cut him for the first four arrests. I know people like second chances, but isn’t that a bit excessive?

Henry’s antics come at a time when another Bengals receiver, Chad Johnson, is begging for attention. He’s made a spectacle of his dissatisfaction with the team but claims he will report to training camp. Some have defended him for speaking up about a bad situation and others call him T.O. Jr. It’s easy to predict that he’ll use the Henry situation to his advantage - let’s see how the coach reacts this time. Marvin Lewis will certainly garner much respect if he sticks to his guns but will that work in the team’s best interest? To be continued…

Matt Leinart was photographed partying in his own backyard with several young women. Apparently it still surprises some that a person in his position would do this. In fact, I would guess any other single, attractive young man with a boatload of money would engage in similar antics.

Rumors are swirling around that Brett Favre has been shopping other teams and considering a comeback. This would be considered as behaving badly if he did pull a Junior Seau and celebrate his departure in the city where he played nearly his entire career only to show up somewhere else. The difference of course is that Brett has Super Bowl rings complete with being a Super Bowl MVP. It’s more likely that fans just can’t seem to get over the fact that he is done playing.

And finally, someone is entertaining the idea that Barry Bonds is a victim of collusion. I guess there’s a conspiracy everywhere you look. I wonder if the fact that Barry isn’t playing is because he alienated the entire league with his monumental attitude. Nah, has to be a conspiracy.


Lindsay said...

Ha, you have a good point about Matt Leinart. Great post, as always.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Thanks Lindsay. Yeah, I bet there will be many security staff confiscating cell phones at parties from now on...