Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can We Return Him?

I really try not to rag on anyone too much but someone must say something about Andruw Jones. I was going about my day as usual, listening to ESPN Radio, and Dave Dameshek pointed out what I have been thinking about since opening day. What is going on with Andruw Jones?

Here’s a guy that was in a slump all last year and continues to be unremarkable. To top it off, he has the nerve to claim he has nothing to prove! Really? So that fat, multi-million dollar contract is nothing to live up to? You don’t need to worry about performing now that you live in low humidity on the coast? Nice. Yeah, we aren’t necessarily going to boo you in the first few weeks – we always give people a chance. Soon, though…you know how we start those chants about teams and particular players. I suspect it isn’t far off for Andruw…

Thanks so much Mr. McCourt. I appreciate that you have gone out and got some big bats for the team. Awesome! How about getting a player or two that isn’t apathetic and past his prime? Do something different – get a young guy that can play for many years. Why not get someone that doesn’t take the fans for granted.

Oh wait, I forgot, that is what you are doing, Mr. Hotshot Owner. Los Angeles Dodgers fans have the record for attendance over the last decade or two. We stick by our home team through speed bumps and let downs year after year. Ownership has become apathetic because we spoil them with attendance and buying up merchandise.

Prices of tickets, parking, and food go up every year. I’ve complained about this before – how fans get bled for every penny. One of these days, we’ll get tired of it…maybe…

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