Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Sports Wrap - April 6, 2008

Here we are with another Sunday and my latest attempt to show the world that there is sports life outside of the NFL on this day.

The NCAA Women’s Final Four begins tonight in Tampa, Florida. The games kick off with Stanford v. UConn followed by LSU V. Tennessee. The final game will be played on Tuesday night between the victors.

There is plenty of Major League Baseball action around the country today. The best part about this point in the season is that no team really stinks that bad yet…sort of. Watch for the Tampa Bay Rays at New York Yankees for the continuation of the newly brewing rivalry saga. So far in the series, the Rays won on Friday 13-4 and Saturday 6-3.

The action sports world has a busy weekend: The Alyeska Resort in Alyeska, AK is hosting the North Face 2008 Big Mountain Snowboarding Tour. This event is geared toward filling a competitive void in big mountain snowboarding – sort of like the same concept as big wave riding in surfing. Amateur skateboarding converges in Arizona this weekend for the Phoenix AM 2008. Today’s events include the finals and the best trick contest. The finale of the Northstar Resort’s Pinball Rally freestyle events happens today in the world of ski and snowboard in Truckee, CA. The best part about these events is that nearly anyone can enter and take home prizes.

The NBA has ten games today and some have implications for the post season, especially in the west. Those without any post season meaning have fans holding on to the last few home stands of the season.

Today in Sports History

1896 – First modern Olympics in Athens, Greece

1958 – Arnold Palmer’s first major golf tournament win at the Master’s

1974 – New York Yankees first home game at Shea Stadium

1993 – Los Angeles Dodgers hand the Florida Marlins the team’s first loss in franchise history

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