Thursday, March 6, 2008

5 Questions With A Professional Football Lineman

Playing football on the line – offensive or defensive – is arguably the most grueling place to be on the field. With constant contact and effort, these positions are responsible for either protecting or demolishing the precious quarterback. Amanda Garcia is one of those on the line for the Southern California Breakers. Splitting time as center and middle linebacker, she plays on both sides of the ball. The upcoming IWFL season is her 3rd in professional football and she shows no signs of slowing down. This athlete went to college on a softball scholarship before living her dream playing football. She promised to go easy on me for 5 questions:

1. What is the most challenging thing about playing professional football for you?

Since we play both offense and defense, I am so tired in the 3rd and 4th quarter. This is the most difficult part – but – I somehow find my strength and keep going. It’s really the time you find out how strong you are!

2. Do you ever just think, “This stinks!” and want to quit?

Oh yeah – during Coach’s “Hell Month” for sure! You sit there and think to yourself that this is going to be your last year…but then the off season rolls around and you really miss it!

3. Why football? What made you decide to play this sport professionally?

I always knew that I wanted to play football. In high school, I used to watch the boys play and wish that I could be out there on the field with them. Unfortunately, there was no precedent for me to follow at the time – I had no idea I could set one or attempt to even try out.

4. What happened when you found out that you could play professional football?

I got so nervous! I happened to see a team out celebrating their Super Bowl. I got the nerve to talk to them and asked about trying out in the future. Well, they invited me to practice the following week and I was hooked!

5. So what advice would you give young girls that maybe haven’t convinced themselves they can follow their sports dreams?

(Enthusiastically) Just go for it! There is no harm in trying, so just do it. If you don’t then you’ll always wonder what could have been! At least if you try, you’ll have no regrets!

Amanda and the Southern California Breakers start their season next month! Stay tuned right here for coverage of the first home game on April 19th!


Teri Arnold said...

Way to go Amanda, your an inspiration
to all of us!

Apryl DeLancey said...

Not only is she an inspiration - her enthusiasm is quite contagious!