Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Inbox Mixed Bag Compilation

Before I go any further - VOTE FOR MY DOG PLEASE. I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

I'm so honored
that Danielle Tucker asked me to be a part of her Golf Club Radio Show tomorrow. Danielle's a really cool chick that you can follow on Twitter as well as listening to her every Saturday morning. You can listen online starting at 7:00 am HST (she's in Hawaii). Look at her archive for previous guests and you'll see why I am so honored.

UPDATE: Everyone please wish the best for Hawaii, they're under a tsunami warning right now that is expected to hit them in a few hours. Danielle called me at 4:00 am PST to let me know that she had to get on the radio and start warning people to evacuate the coast. Please wish her and everyone on the islands the best. More info here.

On to fitness
- If you've been by here at all this year you will have noticed how focused I have been on my personal fitness goals. I received an excellent link that complies marathon and half-marathon training plans. Completing a marathon is definitely on my "bucket list" and I hope to get to my first one in October. I know, I want to do everything. I get it.

Did you know
that in spite of a ruling by the Canadian government that the practice was overtly sexist that women's ski jumping was not allowed at the 2010 Olympic games? It seems very silly to exclude women from this event, doesn't it? Check out today's video and then go here for the details and what you can do to take action on this issue.


Lindsay said...

Yes, VERY silly to exclude women from ski jumping. It is 2010.

I'm going to check out those half-marathon and marathon plans. I'm doing the half marathon in Fargo again this spring - hoping for a PR! I am thinking of doing my first full marathon in October, depending on how I feel this spring/summer.

Apryl DeLancey said...