Monday, February 8, 2010

5 Observations From The Northern Trust Open

I decided to change up the usual Monday 5 from questions to observations. Why not?

Yesterday I went to the Riviera Country Club to catch the last day of the Northern Trust Open and this is what I noticed:

1. It is just as fun to sit on the hill at 18 as it is to be in the tents on 17. Seriously. Last year we were three sheets to the wind in one of the hospitality booths. Yeah, it was awesome and I will probably do it again. There is nothing wrong with free food and alcohol. However, we quite enjoyed watching everyone finish their rounds on the last hole.

2. Teenage girls rake in goodies. There were three of them at the exit from 18 asking every player for their ball, glove, towel, hat, or whatever they would hand them. I would have thought they might eventually give another fan a chance since these three had handfuls of stuff.

3. Getting intimate in front of everyone on the hill at 18 is really uncalled for. Seriously. Get a room. Please.

4. I don’t care what you say, I like Phil and enjoy following him. The first two hours of my time at the NTO was spent going from hole to hole to check out as many players as possible. I caught up with Phil and followed him for three before I took a seat at 18. I did the same thing last year – followed him for three and then took a seat in the tent.

5. I wish this event was at least twice a year. Riviera is a great place to watch golf and it is so close to home for me.

As a matter of fact, at the end there was several event staff lined up handing out all of the extra tournament programs they still had. I was already carrying one but they handed me another anyways.

This means I have one for you.

Since I only need one I am happy to share the extra with one of my golf buddies that would really appreciate it. I got it for free on my way out and am happy to put it in an envelope and pay the postage to send it to someone in the continental U.S. It is standard magazine sized, full color, and just over 100 pages.

Leave me a comment by Friday, February 12 if you really want it. I want to make sure it goes to someone who will really appreciate it that is a regular reader. I’ll randomly pick a commenter or pick the one that gives me the best reason they should have it. If nobody wants it I'll just give it to my friend that went with me last year that couldn't make it this year.

The NTO has not given me any sort of endorsement or any other support to do this. I am just sharing since I have extra. Hopefully I am not violating some PGA rule or something. I mean come on - the event gave these out and I have an extra. I'm just sharing.

Congrats on the win Steve Stricker!


Lindsay said...

Nice! You know I don't deserve the program, but you will make someone else happy!

Heather said...

I'll appreciate it! You know I will.

Since Steve Stricker & I have so much in common it only makes sense that I get it.

Besides it would be fun to tell my brother (who lives in LA) that my OTHER friend in LA gave it to me.

Also thanks for the tip on the teenage girls. I plan on using Golfing Daughter to score some good stuff at the Memorial. Come on, I gave birth to her. It's the least she can do. ;o)