Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday 5: Some of My Favorite Olympic Memories

Ever since I can remember, the Olympics have always excited me. I remember being glued to the television as a little girl for both the summer and winter events. Here are five of my favorite memories and inspirations from the Olympics:

1. Gymnastics: I was so enamored by gymnastics around the age of 8 or 9. My father shared this interest with me since he participated in high school gymnastics. We would work outside in the backyard for hours trying to get front and back handsprings down. I crushed myself pretty badly on one back handspring attempt and it was really hard to overcome. Pretty soon after, it was evident that I was going to be too tall to ever be competitive in gymnastics. I went to a free day at a gymnastics training center and was already the same size as many of the 16 year old girls. That settled that, long arms and legs means that you aren't going to be a competitor in this sport. It's cool - at 5'10" I can still do front handspring combos on command and even some moves on bars that are high enough. To this day, I particularly love to watch the floor routines and the uneven bars when the Summer Olympics come around.

2. Figure Skating: Talk about obsessed - I was so in love with figure skating as a child. My friends an I would practice all of the moves we saw the Olympians do on our roller skates. I got pretty good on mine and could even pull of a double axel. I still remember the first time I did it on the concrete - that rush you get when you accomplish something tough is amazing. We had practiced for days on our front lawns so it wouldn't hurt so bad when we fell. On either my 12th or 13th birthday I got to have my party at a roller rink and one of my friends and I did our best to imitate a routine that we had seen in the past. I still love to skate today and can even ice skate now. Watching this year's figure skating has motivated me to take my ice skates with me to the office now since there is a nearby rink I can hit on the way home.

3. Curling: I have been intrigued by curling since I discovered the sport. I still don't fully understand it but have been reading up and watching whenever it is televised and on videos that I find. The mental precision draws me in every time. I've tried to contact a few clubs to get an interview but nobody will ever write me back. I'd be great if there was a local group that I could check out here in SoCal. If anyone knows any curlers definitely shoot me a note. I really want to learn more.

4. The Original Dream Team: Need I say more? I even have a Magic Johnson Olympic jersey! Personally, I don't feel there can ever be another team that is this awesome. If you need further explanation check out this link.

5. The Hockey Miracle:
See video above and read about the "Miracle on Ice" here.

What do you love about the Olympics?


Heather said...

Damn it, Apryl, you made me get all weepy with that video! I went to the sister school to St. Thomas Academy where his son Danny attended. We were the same age. My brother went to several hockey camps that Herb coached also.

Herb died a few years ago in a car crash. They think he feel asleep at the wheel and he wasn't wearing his seat belt. Such a tragedy. I remember seeing photos of Danny wearing plaid pants in honor of his father. He was a special man.

That US victory will remain with me forever.

I have way too many favorite skating memories to share. But I'm seriously impressed that you could land a double axel in roller skates!

We used to copy all their routines too. Maybe that's the best part of all the Olympics—dreams!

Apryl DeLancey said...

Wow, how neat that your brother got to get coaching from Herb! So awesome! It is quite tragic how he left us but he leaves such a wonderful legacy.

Yes, dreams have to be the best part of the Olympics! I watched the figure skating again in the wee hours of the morning before I got out of bed and was transformed to those feelings of excitement that I had as a little girl.

Heather said...

I've started taking a little "nap" earlier in the evening and then staying up to watch the skating.

I loved Seth Wescott's win yesterday too. SO cool! It was a great example for my son. We've watched it several times and told him that's why you never give up.

BTW I'm watching that Brooks video before my next big tourney.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Oh I KNOW - that was awesome and a great example.

Not a bad idea to watch that video - I think I need to watch it more myself!