Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time To Complain About The Dodgers Again

I woke up this morning to my local news telling me about the continued baloney that we've had to but up with since the McCourts bought the Dodgers. Awesome.

Ticket prices are going up again AND they are going to charge more for Friday and Saturday games than other days of the week. Great.

They claim that this has nothing to do with the McCourt divorce. I'm not sure I buy that one. However, they did say - according to the Channel 4 News - that there "is room" to raise prices since they are fairly reasonable and there is a substantial fan base. Basically, they admitted to what I knew all along - they are going to attempt to bleed every dollar out of fans since there are so many of us.

Sure, it's a smart business decision. The owners are in business to make money.

As a lifelong fan I'm near the breaking point. As it is, I didn't buy any new Dodgers apparel last year for the first time in many, many years. This may not sound like much but let's take a moment to understand this. I buy at least 2-3 shirts and a sweatshirt or jacket every year. My husband also gets at least 2-3 shirts every season. We usually purchase these from the Stadium while attending a game. However, the only game I attended was during the playoffs when I was generously given a ticket by someone. We each had 2 beers and I had a pretzel. Instead of my usual cash drop of a several hundred (or well over $1K) bucks a year, I only purchased 2 beers and a pretzel. My lack of spending was not because of the economy, by the way. I was absolutely holding back in disgust.

I know they don't care because there are more fans that seats at Chavez Ravine. The team has record attendance year in and year out so they are seeing how far they can push the fans.

The icing on the cake was Manny announced that this is his last year with the team and he wants to "enjoy himself". I'm guessing this means more feigned attempts at catching a ball, strikeouts, and general lack of hustle that we were all exposed to last year. Sweet.

Looks like I'm just gonna go play some golf or surf. It'll be a crappy season for the Dodgers.

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