Monday, February 22, 2010

5 Questions To Get You Ready For Football!

Yes, it is that time again - time to start thinking about the IWFL and WFA seasons. Here are links to some of my player interviews to get you back in the mood:

1. Wendi Kali, Portland Fighting Fillies. Wendi also has her own blog that chronicles her ups and downs as she trains for the season.

2. BJ Coletta, Women's Football Talk Host. Barb is part of the awesome team that brings the premier location for everything women's football radio.

3. Amanda Garcia, Southern California Breakers. I still remember the first time I met Amanda. She half-sarcastically asked me if I was going to interview her. So I did. Since then I've watched her do some serious crushing of the opposing teams to her Southern California Breakers.

4. Michelle Jacot, Southern California Breakers. Michelle is the living proof that Lingerie League girls really can play full-contact football.

5. Joy Barry, Southern California Breakers. Joy's rookie season with the Breakers was amazing. Prior to last year she had only played in men's leagues.

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