Monday, February 23, 2009

5 Questions For Anniversary Week

Today marks a year that I have been writing this blog every day. Previously, I wrote sports on a few other sites and in print (and still do a bit). One day I decided that I would just write my own page and not have to worry about making someone else's editing or content guidelines. I've had a great time writing about whatever I felt like. Again, I'm not trying to do anything in particular. Also, if you noticed, I took off all of the AdSense text links quite some time ago. A few have been frustrated with me from time to time since I don't adhere to only one particular content theme. That was the point.

At any rate, I started doing "5 Questions" on other sites and then brought it here every Monday. Today, I wanted to alert you to some of the earlier interviews that you may have missed that I think you will enjoy.

Shirlett Hendry, girls basketball coach at Dorsey High

Shayne and Shannon McIntyre, On Surfari hosts

Patricia Hannigan, the Golf Girl

Shelly Mascaro, archer

Estelle Robinson, dog agility trainer

Thank you to all that come here and read my babbling every day. I really do appreciate your comments, email, and suggestions.


Lindsay said...

I guess I never knew when you started blogging every day. That's a big accomplishment to have blogged every day for a year. Not many can say that. Not me!

I love visiting your blog, and your 5-Question interviews are great. Obviously, one of my favorite posts of your is the interview with dog agility trainer Estelle Robinson.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Thanks for being a regular and contributor, Lindsay!