Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Sports Wrap - February 8, 2009

Pro Bowl: The (maybe) last Pro Bowl to be played in Hawaii is today. The league will move the event to Miami next year, the same location that the Super Bowl will be played. There has been no announcement as to where the 2011 game will be hosted. The NFL is attempting to make the game more relevant. Many consider the event to be a joke.

Golf: The Buick Invitational is finishing up today. I've watched Camilo Villegas miss at least 3 putts where he was really robbed. Seriously, the ball traveled right around the lip. Ouch. We all have our days.

NHL: Four games are on today. I'm happy to bring you the news that Bringing Hockey Back is back as well. Check out the blog for hockey news with a Penguins slant.

Listen: Don' forget that Women's Football Talk is on at 3:00pm PST and SportsGeeks is on at 5:00pm PST tonight. Click the links and you are there.

Today in Sports History

- 5' 7" Spud Webb of Atlanta Hawks wins NBA Slam Dunk Competition

- Nancy Lopez wins the LPGA Sarasota Golf Classic


Lindsay said...

That's awesome that a fairly short guy - short compared to other NBA players - won the slam dunk tournament. Ha! That gives me hope!

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, Spud Webb was quite awesome in his day!