Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Sports Wrap - February 1, 2009

The first month of 2009 has passed and Super Sunday is upon us. Believe it or not there are other sports happenings today. The NBA, NCAA Hoops, and NHL are all moving on in spite of the NFL event. Check the list here if you don't believe me. Golf is happening today as well. I'm all golfed out for the moment after hanging at the PGA Merchandise show this week and glad to be in Tampa. Woohoo!

As for the Steelers vs. Cardinals - it will either be a slaughter or a surprise. The Super Bowl is terribly unpredictable at best. If you don't believe me simply refer to last year. The New England Patriots fans bravely assumed that their team playing the actual game was a mere formality and the title was theirs for the taking. I recall the last Super Bowl set in Tampa back in 2001. The new York Giants were playing the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens decided to be introduced as a team and were booed as the entered the stadium. Everyone just knew the Giants were going to walk away with the trophy. We all know how that turned out.

Whatever you do today, be safe. If you are here in the Tampa Bay area like I am please be careful. There are a lot of people that learned to drive from all over the world so it can be interesting. Be patient. The streets here were not meant to carry so many.

Today in Sports History

- David Stern becomes the NBA commissioner

1992 - Barry Bonds signs baseball's highest single year contract at the time to the tune of $4.7 million


Doret said...

As always great clip but that Colt got robbed, number 8 plz that should've been in the top 5 at least. And I didn't like or get that Audi ad.
Set my alarm to wake up early this morning for the mens Australlian open final it was worth it. If the Superbowl is half as good as that I will be very happy

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, I wish I would have watched the Open finals.

The Super Bowl was a bit dull in my opinion until the end. Everyone thought the Steelers would totally dominate the Cards...I didn't see that at all. The Cards held their own and 2 plays made the difference. Each could have gone either way.

Lindsay said...

Yeah, talk about a really boring 30 minutes or so in the middle, huh? At least the end made up for it. Well except for those last few seconds.

Tampa must have been crazy.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, it was great to have to wait an hour just to eat tourist food! I'm so glad to be back on my way home to L.A. I feel like I haven't eaten a proper meal in a week. Oh yeah, that is because I haven't.

Still - it has been a fun week!

Doret said...

So the game was alot better then I thought it would be, though the Men's Open Final was still better. Also I think I was watching a different game then the ESPN announcers because they keep on saying its one of the best Superbowls. It was good but not that good. I will say Ben had great line coverage, they gave him so much time to throw. That Holmes catch made the game. I am so over the ESPN monopoly. they did NFL primetime right after the game for 30mins then Sportscenter comes on and all they do is talk about the Superbowl again. Thats not Sportscenter its Superbowl coverage call it what it is. I don't know why they just didn't move Superbowl coverage to ESPN 2 then have actual Sportscenter on ESPN. Apryl, your favorite sport was on ESPN 2 World Series of Poker.(Europe) They spent 5mins. on the Aussie Final. I was pissed and I know there were some NBA games last night. These people are paid to know and report about all sports not just the ones they like. And can someone please get rid of Stuart Scott and Mike Berman and Stephen A Smith
Sorry for the rant. I feel better
Your boy Matt is not getting a ring.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Doret, rant away! Yeah, the ESPN coverage is annoying as are their commentators.

You crack me up!