Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Tried Not To Write About Tiger Woods

Really, I tried not to write a post about Tiger Woods today. I've been diligently watching, reading, and listening to sports in hopes of finding another topic. Alas, Mr. Woods is ubiquitous. In fact, earlier this week they were billing the Accenture event as "The Return of Tiger" instead of the actual title of the event. ESPN said that his silhouette should be the one used in the PGA logo. I just can't get away from Tiger Woods. But wait...a few blips on the sports radar emerge in the shadows...

Spring training has started in baseball and there was a mere mention of Alex Rodriquez hitting a home run at the practice facility in Dunedin, Florida. Apparently he was booed.

Another story pops hoops! It is almost March Madness and the games are getting good. I watched a very nice highlight reel of some sick dunks and buzzer beaters.

However...the other stories were short lived...Tiger was back. Fine. I'll write about Tiger Woods. He is definitely the most recognizable name in golf all over the world and deservedly so. I am wondering seems like the time off has only made him more popular. That is pretty remarkable when you think about it. Seriously, has almost unimaginable super-star status. Is he bigger than any sports figure in history?

Have you been watching Tiger's return? Will you watch any of it?


Lindsay said...

He's everywhere! Unavoidable. I don't really pay attention to golf, and I still hear about Tiger Woods all the time.

I'd say the time off has made him more popular, at least for now.

Doret said...

Woods is great and his mental game just scares the hell out of everyone. And the US OPEN with the messed up knees was Classic. He ranks in the 10 but there's Ali who transcends boxing, Babe Ruth, who hit, pitched and has a chocolate bar named after him. Michael Jordan of course. The golf world needs people to believe Tiger Woods is the biggest sports figure in history, so fans will watch. Woods has never really had any real competition. I can't think of a another top ranked athlete or sports team who didn't have serious competition - Agassi/Sampras Lakers/Celtics Ali/Frazier etc. I wonder if Woods longs for a love hate respect relationship with another golfer who can consistently challenge him for the win

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, I was listening to news radio yesterday morning and there was a big discussion about Tiger. This station generally doesn't talk about sports at all.

The Open where Tiger was hurt was totally classic. In addition, it put Rocco Mediate on everyone's radar that hadn't noticed him before. I also wonder if he wishes that he had an arch rival. That would sure be interesting.