Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blogspotting - February 19, 2009

Tired of the ordinary? I found some extraordinary stories around the web today. It just reminds me that there are a lot of passionate writers, athletes, and fans out there in the world of sports! Every time I think that I've found all of the blogs about a particular region or sport - another pops up. Today's linking has some of the new finds - many that have been around for quite some time.

Read about this cool 73-year-old "Mother of Judo".

Check out this Sports Girl's coverage of pro lacrosse.

Did LeBron really say that he would be in the Slam Dunk Contest next year?

Here is a fitness story that should motivate you to get to your workout!

This is the perfect time of year for a snowboard clip contest.

The Chicks lament a Deuce that has been cut loose.

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Lindsay said...

I liked the fit women post, very motivating like you said.

I am also interested in LaCrosse, although I've never even seen a full game. I guess I just like to support the sports that are less "mainstream." I'll have to find the nearest team and go watch sometime. I hear we have a high school team in town.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, I feel like a total slouch now!

Lacrosse is not really big here on the West Coast. I need to find some though...I'm sure we have it...