Monday, February 9, 2009

5 Questions About Golf

Today its back to the "new" 5 questions format that answers what I get asked every so often by friends and colleagues (the interview format will be back again). Now, I am in no way a golf expert but I do spend a lot of time writing about, playing, watching, and covering golf. When I was growing up there was not much golf around me. I think my father and grandfather played a few times but not seriously. About four years ago is when I started and I'm socially acceptable and can make par more times than not lately. Lately, I've had a few friends ask me about the terminology and a few other things about the game.

1. What is the PGA?

PGA stands for Professional Golfers' Association. From the PGA website:

"Founded in 1916, The PGA of America is the largest working sports organization in the world, comprised of more than 28,000 dedicated men and women promoting the game of golf to everyone, everywhere."

2. What are the basics of golf etiquette?

The USGA (United States Golf Association) website explains that there are four basics:

What are the basics of golf etiquette?

Within the USGA Rules of Golf, there are core golf etiquettes that are engrained into the very essence of golf:

"a. Safety: Be aware of the players in your group, others on the course and yourself. Never take any action that could endanger anyone.

b. Consideration of other players:
* Show consideration of your actions by not disrupting anyone through excessive movement, talking and unnecessary noise.
* On the putting green, be sure not to stand in nor cast a shadow through the line of someone’s putt.

c. Pace of Play: Be sure to maintain a good pace of play.

d. Course Conditions: Do everything you can to leave the course they way you found it.
* Bunkers – be sure to rake your footprints while leaving a bunker. Feel free to rake those that others left behind as well!
* Divots – Taking a divot is not bad, but leaving it un-repaired is bad.
* Ball marks – make the effort to repair any marks made on the putting surface."

3. What does par and all of the scoring terms like birdie and bogey mean?

If you're stuck on terms use the USGA glossary:

Par = The score an accomplished player is expected to make on a hole, either a three, four or five.

Double Eagle = A score of three-under-par on a hole.

Eagle = A score of two-under-par on a hole.

Birdie = A score of one-under par on a hole.

Bogey = A score of one-over par on a hole.

Double Bogey = A score of two-over-par on a hole.

Also, you'll sometimes hear the term "albatross". This is three under par so if the hole had a par five someone got it in two strokes. Also, a hole-in-one is sometimes referred to as an "ace".

4. Who is number one in women's golf?

The 2008 LPGA Money List puts Lorena Ochoa at the top. A golfer's standing in the LPGA and PGA Money Lists goes by how much money they have earned that year in tournaments.

5. Is Tiger Woods still the number one golfer for the men?

He is still ranked the number one golfer in the world by points but is not on the 2009 PGA Money List yet. As many people know, he has yet to play this year and so will not rank on that list until he does play.


Lindsay said...

I am pretty clueless when it comes to golf. I did not know what the terms eagle, birdie, bogey and double bogey meant.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I'm happy to have broadened your knowledge! Oh, and don't worry - there are so many nuances and rules in golf that I am barely above clueless myself!