Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wie, Wie, Wie All The Way Home

Ah, Michelle Wie…what is going on? This situation lately is such a mess it seems. It’s unfortunate that the media circus is around her decisions about her career (or rather, her parents’ decisions?). At any rate, even Annika Sorenstam is weighing in and the golf blogs and sports media are aflame with Michelle Wie’s decision to ditch the women’s event to play with the men. It all seems so erratic – one week we are marveling that she misses out when she is in the lead because she forgets to sign her scorecard. Another week, we are wondering why she is calling more attention to herself by playing in the men’s tournament. She shrugs it all off, but we are all left to wonder the motivations behind the whole thing. Let’s hope this young and talented athlete gets a handle on things and comes out on top of all the criticism and difficulites.

Golf WRX has a long commentary about the entire situation.

The Golf Blog has run more than one post on it. One post is of Wie’s and others' defense of her decision to play. Another discusses Annika’s comments about the whole thing.

Fanhouse talks about why she continues to get exemptions to play in the PGA.

The New York Times goes into quite the analysis.

The Golf Channel is speculating which will garner more headlines – Wie or Annika. They also run the story about Annika, Paula, and Helen Alfredsson wondering what she is thinking.

Personally, I hope she uses her talent and becomes a legitimate golfer in everyone’s eyes. She has the ability to play and it would be a shame to just end up being a footnote that she was a sideshow and waste that talent.

What do you think? Is ditching the major women’s event a smart move? Should she be playing in the PGA event?


Lindsay said...

I read a little about Wie. I agree with you that her main goal should be to establish herself and become a legitimate golfer in everyone's eyes, no matter what event she is playing in. And good for her for wanting to compete with the men.

Apryl DeLancey said...

She's got such a great swing...I wish I could do that!