Monday, July 21, 2008

5 Questions With A Team Owner

Linda Clarke is an owner of the Tri-County Titans, a minor league football team from the LCFL in Orange County, Ca. A Southern California native, she was introduced to me as “Auntie Linda”. Brought into the football business by her nephew, she considers her team to be family. Indeed, this petite woman has a very calm and consoling demeanor when you speak to her. However, when she needs to say something to the team you won’t be struggling to hear her. An employee for General Motors by day, she has two biological children of her own. Linda took a moment away from the game for a quick interview.

1. How did you become the owner of a football team?

My nephew – he was the owner of the Westside Warriors and needed help. I came along and we changed the name to the Tri-County Titans. Now we are in our 5th year.

2. What is the most exciting thing for you being involved with the team?

The relationships with each of the guys individually. I sort of take care of them and get involved with each of their lives. We try to instill in them that family is very important and then this is like one big family. Family is very important.

3. What are some of the most memorable things for you with the team?

Just getting to know them all and getting personal with each individual. You know, one of the wives gets pregnant you have a shower or you have other parties for them for different parts of their lives.

4. What are some of the most frustrating things you deal with?

I sometimes wonder how I do this. First I think, “I don’t have any kids on the team, what am I doing?” Other times I think I have 50 or 60 children! My husband asks me every year also – why do I do this? This takes a lot of money and it can be frustrating. But then, all one of the guys has to do is say, “Hi Auntie”, and then I remember why I do this. That’s why.

5. So, that is how you are able to keep doing this?

Yeah, sometimes I have moments where I don’t know why but I then know that the guys definitely keep me doing this. I help them find a job when they don’t have a job. They call me when they play somewhere else and say, “Hey Auntie, can you come see me?” Or, they’ll ask me to come bring them food and I come. I’m just so proud of all my Titans - win or lose. I just hope they all have fun.

I caught Linda for just a few moments during halftime at the game on Saturday, July 19th. I’ll catch up with her again during the season for more. Stay tuned!


chieftitan said...

Thank you Apryl for making it out to our game. It was a pleasure. We hope you can make more games.

Jim Bowers

Lindsay said...

I'm glad Linda had time for an interview. Sounds like she is pretty busy, but I know all her hard work is really appreciated.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Coach - I had a blast and appreciate that you had me there!

Lindsay - I had to sneak in time to talk with her while the game went on. It's really obvious how much they love and respect her.