Saturday, July 19, 2008

5 Bizarre Sports

My sports ADD is in high gear today and I wanted to push the boundaries of the “traditional” sports notion again. Bizarre may be the wrong term for some of these so feel free to use your own descriptor. Basically, these competitors have the art of tongue-in-cheek and having fun down cold. Check out these gems:

1. USARPS League: That acronym is for the USA Rock Paper Scissors League! They’re even sponsored by Bud Light and had the championships in Las Vegas where the winner took home $50,000. The event was even broadcast on the A&E Network.

2. Bog Snorkeling: Alright, I used to complain when the visibility in the Gulf of Mexico was less than 5 meters. I’m not sure I’d be too excited about snorkeling in straight muck! That doesn’t stop these folks in Wales. They’ve got sponsors and a big event but know how to have a good time. On one pic they tell you that training is very difficult and the next shows them carrying two cases of “training supplies”. At least if you become ill you probably won’t change the water color! (Eeeewww!)

3. Underwater Rugby: This sport will have a world championship in Germany in 2009. There are very specific rules and regulations, right down to the colors that the home and visiting team wear. Players have to get the weighted ball down to the opponent’s basket underwater. This has been played in Europe for some time and is starting to really catch on here in the states.

4. Sepak Takraw: This sport is basically volleyball played as soccer. Players may use everything but their hands to move the ball. Sepak Takraw is played mostly in Southeast Asia and has a large following. It looks quite difficult!

5. Extreme Ironing: This proves that people really do have a sense of humor and will always push the limits of absurdity. Extreme ironing is just what it sounds like – ironing in very extreme places. (See today’s video)

What’s your favorite offbeat sport?


Lindsay said...

Wow, those are some interesting ones. Ha. I might actually do well at rock, paper scissors! Underwater rugby sounds fun, even though it doesn't sound anything like real rugby.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, I bet they chose that name for lack of a better descriptor. It looks like fun to me!