Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Brett Favre...Again

Being that this is a sports blog I feel compelled to comment yet again about the whole Brett Favre thing. I wrote a post when he retired a few months back commending his show of emotion. More recently I begged him not to return. With all of the new developments, there really isn’t something new I can write that hasn’t been said or rehashed in the last week. With that in mind, here is a list of places I’ve been getting my Brett Favre fill with:

Yahoo! Sports has the headline that reads Favre says the Pack should let him play elsewhere. How strange will that be to see Brett in another jersey?

Girls Dig Sports first asked Brett to let it go and then gave that observation a second look.

Gonner’s View wrote a letter of frustration about the entire shenanigans.

Pyle of List has a long commentary addressing Brett and the Packers fans.

On Opinion On Sports points out that there is no “semi-retired” in the NFL.

Afraid of Ed Hochuli broke his normal pattern of posting to discuss the matter.

With Malice even threw in his two cents when the whole thing was at the rumor stage.

Lombardi Ave wants ESPN to hush and also posted a collection of links about the Favre-versy yesterday.

Of course you can’t watch the NFL Network or SportsCenter without hearing about Brett Favre. Where have you been getting your Brett news? Have you written a Favre-related post recently?


Lindsay said...

I think my mind just automatically blocks out the words Brett Favre because I just don't care anymore. I like your idea of just linking to the best places for people to get their information about him if they want.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I wish Brett and Green Bay the best in figuring this out amicably and expediently.