Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tales From The Inbox - July 3, 2008

Coming to the Malibu Country Club on July 21, 2008 is the 10th Annual Life Rolls On Charity Golf Event. Life Rolls On is the organization that is involved with benefiting young people who have been affected by spinal cord injuries. There are a number of sponsorship and entry options so check out the website today.

The American Century Celebrity Golf Championships starts this coming Tuesday, July 8th through Sunday the 13th at the Edgewood Tahoe course in Lake Tahoe.

Speaking of golf – have you checked out the Srixon True Players site yet? Email me for an entry code if you aren’t already signed up.

Still on the subject of golf – check out Tattoo Golf’s latest additions: cooler fabric polos, a new hat design, and funky belt buckles.

Summer X Games 14 will be held in Los Angeles this year (woo hoo) and there’s a game/contest page that you can enter to win a trip to the Games. Personally, I’ll probably just get some tickets and drive on over. I never do enter contests to win a trip here, although it would be pretty funny if someone who is already in the area won. Yeah, I'm sure the organizers make sure that doesn't happen. The events will be at the Staples Center and Home Depot Center starting July 31st.

Not a day or so goes by that I’m not reminded to watch Wimbledon on ESPN 360. I’ve been entirely too busy this week to take this feature for granted, but see more time freeing up over the next four days!

And finally, if you were looking for a way to walk your dog while riding your scooter or emulating Alaskan mushing, check out This was sent to me with the suggestion of a sport called “urban mushing”. As long as you fit your dog properly and be mindful of the animal’s safety and limitations it could work. Let me know if you try this out or have seen this in action.

Today in Sports History

1958 - The ”Dodger Referendum” passes in Los Angeles by a slim margin of 24,293 votes. The proposition allows the city to sell 300 acres of Chavez Ravine to the Dodgers for their new stadium. The National League president had stated that the Dodgers should vacate Los Angeles if the bill failed.

1980 - The New York Mets select 6’6”, 18-year-old Darryl Strawberry from Los Angeles's Crenshaw High School Cougars with the first pick in the annual June free-agent draft.


Monica 08 said...

Hi Apryl, which soccer national team or club do you follow closely?
Who do you think will win Wimbledon?

Lindsay said...

Ha, I like that dog scooter. I want something like that for my bike because right now I either bike holding Ace's leash or I just trust him to run beside me. Both are bad ideas.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Hey Monica - I don't have one national team that I follow closely since the USA always stinks. I follow MLS Galaxy, Premier League, and some Serie A. As for Wimbledon, I'm going to reserve making any predictions since there has been some interesting twists.

Hey Lindsay - I'm curious to see if the dog scooter works and is safe for all involved. I haven't actually seen it in action so it would be interesting to see a review.