Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Great Outdoors Blogspotting

I’ve been meaning to find some good sources of info for outdoor extreme and not so extreme sports. I managed a collection of blogs, sites, and articles of things that are or sound like a blast to do:

Adventure Racing

The Wall Street Journal had a story about this just the other day about an event in Montana.

I also found this blog about adventure racing in Texas. No events are planned in the immediate future but it covers prior adventures.

You can always check out the Weekend Warrior’s Guide to Adventure Racing as well.

Here’s one more that covers ultrarunning, adventure racing, and mountain biking.

Checkpoint Zero is also a great collection of information about using the mountains and wilderness to their fullest.


The US Open of Surfing wraps up this weekend. If you aren’t near Huntington Beach, check out the live webcast.

Have you watched On Surfari yet? Shayne and Shannon are getting ready to start filming their ultimate surf adventures again. Check their site for upcoming details and sign up for the newsletter while you’re at it. You can catch them on FuelTV and I’ve heard also on the National Geographic Channel. In case you missed it, they took a minute for an interview here a few months back. They really are people with big hearts that appreciate every one of their fans.

California Surfing is a good spot to pick up forecasts and other surf info.

How about Stand Up Paddle Surfing? I haven’t done this but its now on my list.

General Adrenaline Addiction

The Adventure Blog covers surfing, rafting, skydiving, skiing, and much more for adrenaline addicts.

I found skydiving blogs here and here. Have you been skydiving? I went quite a few years ago and did AFF (accelerated free fall) in Taft. It is the most amazing time and I would highly recommend it.

What your favorite adrenaline-fueled sport?


Lindsay said...

Thanks for all those awesome adventure racing links! I will be bookmarking all of those. My boyfriend and I are trying our first 24-hour race in September. It will kick our asses for sure, but it'll be exciting anyway.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Awesome - you've got to come do a guest post after to tell us how it was!

Lindsay said...

OK, will do!

K-SPoT said...

Thanks for linking to my blog--promise to get back to blogging about Texas adventure racing (and beyond)!

Apryl DeLancey said...

Awesome! Stop by and give us a guest post about it sometime!