Thursday, July 17, 2008

5 Free Fantasy Football Sites

Have you ever wondered why people get so involved in fantasy sports? I knew the apocalypse was near when Fantasy Golf came around. Don’t get me wrong, you all should know by now that I love golf. I’m just a realist. I want to play golf and improve my game, not live vicariously through the pros. Fantasy Baseball and Fantasy Basketball are way too time consuming for me as well. I know there is also Fantasy Futbol/Soccer in several of the leagues but I’d never get anything done if I did that (In case you do have time you can find Facebook’s Premier League here that has a fee or the Barklays version here that is free).

Even so, I do get into Fantasy Football (NFL). I’m playing again this year and the draft comes up in another few weeks. I haven’t played for a few years – it was Cadillac Williams’ rookie season when I last had a team. My team rocked! I had LaDainian Tomlinson that season where he had a touchdown run, reception, and pass in the same game. My kicker was Neil Rackers when the Cardinals only scored a bunch of field goals every game. My dud was Algae Crumpler. He was untradeable for some reason and only had like one really great game. I ran through several QBs including Byron Leftwitch and Donovan McNabb.

Alright, there are several viable sources for Fantasy Football, most of which are free or have a free option:

1. Yahoo! Sports
3. CBS Sports
4. CNN/Sports Illustrated
5. Facebook has one here and many others that you can find just by searching the term “fantasy football”

There are others out there as well. My football-loving pals over at Chicks in the Huddle are also hosting a league for a small fee and need some more chicks to sign up! Don’t forget to check out The Hazean, a blog that completely revolves around Fantasy Football.

Chime in everyone and let me know what else is out there – I’m all ears. Are you playing this season? Where are you playing? What are your favorite sites that give you FF info?


Lindsay said...

I've never played fantasy football, mostly because I've never really gotten into football. But your post is tempting me to sign up. I'll let you know if I do.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Its really fun! I'm asking everyone to keep me up to date on how they're doing through the season so we can all brag/sympathize/etc.