Friday, July 18, 2008

An Asterisk Without Tiger Woods?

Really? There are people who believe that the winner of the British Open should have an asterisk? That is absolutely absurd. Seriously. Let’s get real here. These professional golfers are all so much better than most of us will ever be. They have to be! Trust me, if they’re on tour, they’re excellent. Putting an asterisk next to any win they have is a slap in the face. They’ve prepared. They’ve spent hours practicing and being coached. You’re telling me that the only reason the winner of this event wins is because Tiger Woods isn’t playing? I say you’re grossly underestimating these gentlemen. Simply because he is the number one golfer in the world does not make his presence an automatic win (see New England Patriots story for assuming the win). Do the players who win events with his entry need an asterisk that says they deserve greater recognition because they beat Tiger? Of course not!

Every sport has dominant figures. Think about it. If you give golfers an asterisk for this, you need to give one to the New York Giants. How about one for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays? They’ve managed to stay atop a division that has both the Yankees and the Red Sox. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m definitely a Tiger Woods fan. His mere presence has done so much for the sport of golf. He is an exceptional athlete and a remarkable competitor. He is getting rewarded quite handsomely for his achievements as well. The latest issue of Golf World has a clip that estimates he’ll be worth one BILLION by 2011. He’s worked hard for it and is now reaping the benefits.

However, the winner of any majors in his absence does not deserve some artificial asterisk. They deserve to be called the winner, plain and simple.


Lindsay said...

Well said. A winner is a winner.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Interestingly, last year's winner beat out Tiger and there was no mention of an asterisk then. Tiger came in 12th at the British Open in 2007.