Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wild World of Wednesday – March 26, 2008

So how’s your bracket? Six of my Elite Eight are still good. Only one of my Final Four picks is out – I still have UCLA, North Carolina, and Memphis…so I have a small glimmer of hope. Heck, 5th out of 19 in the pool isn’t so bad…is it? Yeah, I’m dreaming…

On another note, the Women’s NCAA hoops Sweet Sixteen includes all four number one seeds. UConn, Pitt, Rutgers, and Louisville are all in.

The PGA world seems to be feeling sorry for Tiger Woods on one hand and excited that he didn’t come in first on the other. Over the weekend at the Doral, he made an admirable comeback to finish two behind the winner Geoff Ogilvy. He’ll likely get it back together for the Master’s as I am sure the “loss” is not the end of his career. Even when players don’t come in first place, they still get quite a purse from these events. In addition, I venture to bet that Tiger’s lifestyle will not change any if he is out a million or so. The usually calm Woods is also rumored to have launched a swearing attack at a photographer. The “attack” is rightfully so, what sports photographer would do that to someone in their backswing where it would disturb them? Snapping the pic was definitely amateurish, selfish, and rude.

It seems as though some folks are still in denial about Brett Favre’s retirement from the NFL. Apparently, since he hasn’t done some paperwork it means it’s not real yet. He’s probably procrastinating, hates paperwork, or just plain forgot. Seriously, we’ve all been there…he probably hasn’t done his taxes yet either.

The Dallas Mavericks are playing on without their star Dirk Nowitzki and bragging that they are doing fine since they won over the Los Angeles Clippers. Great! Let’s see how you fare against a team with a winning record now (Clips at 0.300). On Thursday they’ll face the Denver Nuggets who have a more respectable record (0.606) but still not in the top eight. If Dallas really is a playoff team, they should have a deep roster, right?

The Premier League shuffled a bit over the weekend. Man U def. Liverpool 3-0 to top the league at 73 points. Chelsea took over the number two position by defeating Arsenal 2-1. The best part about watching the replay on Fox Soccer Channel was the announcers. They were so into the game, singing and all, I thought my television had been hijacked by some overzealous fans! If you haven’t checked it out you must – GOLTV is rather fun also. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I really think we are missing something in America by not following soccer as much as the rest of the planet. The falls and spills are the best – each player is trained to do the over-the-top NFL punter performance when someone knocks them over.


Derek Braid said...

Check out those Diggs, Apryl!

Well done, as usual. I've been following along for a few weeks now and have enjoyed the blog.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Thanks Derek! I appreciate your support!

Kevin said...

Neat blog. I am a former sports writer (Covered the Cowboys 1995-1999), Mavs/NBA (2001-02). This is pretty cool.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I appreciate the compliments Kevin! Thanks for stopping by!