Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kobe Bryant is a Meany and Tiger Woods has Potty Mouth

Some big news this week in the NBA is that the Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is mean to the referees. SportsCenter, ESPN Radio, and local news have all highlighted that he is reportedly the cruelest in the league to the refs and gives them the most bellyaching of any player. This is the same group of individuals that had a gambler fixing games in their midst. (Amazing how quickly that got swept under the rug…)

As much as we may have issues with players and referees in the NBA it could be far worse. Take the Premier League and Serie A for example. Prominent players in the Premier League have actual fears of the referees and question remaining in the League. Still others urge fair treatment of these often-battered fixtures of the game and try to protect them from rival clubs. The Serie A has been subject to very recent fixing scandals involving the refs. Unfortunately, throughout this sport referee scandals happen with frequency.

In other exciting sports news, Tiger Woods says the F word. The horror! This is nothing new in golf and I would venture to guess that many other beloved players have uttered profanities on the golf course. At the driving ranges I frequent, it is quite common to hear colorful expletives regularly.

Just once, let’s hear a happy news story about an athlete. Here’s a headline you can start with: LeBron James is still with his high school sweetheart.

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