Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wild World of Wednesday - March 12, 2008

Another Wednesday and there are plenty of interesting things to talk about.

Mark Cuban, blogger, denounced bloggers this week and will be denying them access to the Dallas Mavericks locker room from now on. Interestingly, he posted this on his blog. If you read his post, there are mixed reactions in the comments but seems to be a consensus that he is targeting one person in particular. Yeah, anyone can start a blog that has an internet connection, but there are viable sports bloggers that actually care about content and accuracy. I don’t think his opinion will change anyone’s blogging habits…

Aaron Rodgers says that he’s “not Brett Favre”…you think? His scraggly appearance made Brett’s usual unshaven look seem clean cut. Fans in Green Bay are holding their collective breath on this one…I wish them luck…

With Selection Sunday coming up, the field is narrowing and predictions are flying. UCLA, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Florida are all #1 seeds with the writers for now. There will likely be shockers and Cinderellas come Sunday as there are every year…

Fox Soccer Channel rates the world’s soccer clubs every week and Manchester United is ranked first this week followed by Arsenal, FC Barcelona, AS Roma, and Inter Milan. What would be nice is if DirecTV stopped blocking me from watching the UEFA games this week! The number of games that I get live coverage on seems to dwindle every day! It is becoming quite difficult to stay informed…Jim Rome certainly won’t be of any help…

Other interesting sports going on around the world this coming week include:

RBS 6 Nations Rugby Tournament around the UK, Spain, and Italy

Jeep King of the Mountain in Sun Valley, ID with skiing, snowboarding, and a bunch of entertainment

Major League Baseball is still in the thick of pre-season games in the warmer states

There are numerous (way too many to mention) Paralympic events going on around the world including swimming, table tennis, and alpine skiing in places such as Germany, Great Britain, and South Africa to name a few.

The Arnold Palmer Invitational is underway this week in Orlando. Hopefully there isn’t a strange cold front for this one that makes Florida feel like Pennsylvania (okay, exaggeration).

Oh yeah, the Los Angeles Lakers are shaping up to championship form again! Hooray! Catch them in New Orleans on Friday and Houston on Sunday.

And finally, Australia is filled with plenty of National Water Polo League contests all week.

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