Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Southern California Breakers Report

The Southern California Breakers are a new addition to the IWFL (Independent Women’s Football League) this year. Enrique Hernandez, the team go-to guy, explains that they are made up of players formerly from other local teams and about six or seven rookies. If you ask around the practice, the consensus is that Suzanne Linn, fullback, is the super-athlete of the team. Indeed, she moves with a confident grace that can only mean you are watching a professional.

The team started practicing in January this year, under the tutelage of veteran football player and coach Anthony Bartley. You can see he’s the real deal, with championship bling on each hand to prove it!

When I arrived at the field, the team was just finishing a break. Hernandez sat down with me and explained the drill. The team works out every Tuesday and Thursday night, with a grueling six hour practice every Saturday. About four hours of this is spent on the field running plays and other physical activity. In addition, they spend an hour with "chalk talk" where one of the coaches explains intricacies of the game. This was what they started on with Offensive Coordinator Willy Delgado as I settled in to observe. Delgado is also a veteran coach as well as a working referee for the sport. The military precision and style of coaching certainly reflected the latter – when the team jumped offside during a drill they were made to drop and give him push-ups!

The twenty-two player roster has members that will play both offense and defense during their season which starts next month. When they aren’t playing football, members have professions that range from teachers to engineers. Many have college and other professional sports experience including softball, soccer, and the Olympics. Coach Bartley is assisted by Manny Ojeda, another long-time veteran of coaching. Dave Keyes rounds out the staff as the scout and videographer.

For more information, check out their website here and be sure to catch their games during the season if you are in the area. There are teams nationwide that you can find schedules for here. Check back here after the first home game on April 19th as I’ll be doing more coverage then. In addition, if you are interested in finding out more about the team or interested in sponsoring them, please email Coach Anthony Bartley at headcoach16@yahoo.com or Heather Snavely at snavely_h@yahoo.com

Be sure to visit the blog here on Thursday for a new 5 questions with one of the Breakers!

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