Saturday, March 1, 2008

5 Questions With Someone That Can Fix Your Golf Swing

At the 2008 Southern California Golf Show I stopped at the Body Balance booth to see what they were all about. They claim that they can “make you feel better and play better golf”. Who wouldn’t want to play better golf? My husband stepped on their machine and got an evaluation on the spot about how he could improve his stance. I had to hear more and Sean Ostrander, Golf Specialist Expert, took time from his booth duties to answer my 5 questions:

1. So tell me, how do you make golfers “feel better and play better golf”?

We basically customize a program for them with what we call the “3R Training Approach” – release, reeducate, and rebuild. In short we get the muscle tissue to relax, teach you how to control your motions, and then help you strengthen your body so that your swing is more effective and less injury-prone. In addition, we have cutting-edge technology that shows you where your balance and motion is.

2. What is the #1 problem that you see with a golfer’s swing?

Bad posture at address! This leads to 90% of flaws that leads to pain and fatigue and then everything else in your game stinks!

3. So, with good posture and form, how many strokes can you help take off of someone’s swing?

Depending on where you start, we have been able to shave off between 5-17 strokes.

4. Alright, so how long does it take to solve these problems?

Well, depending on your situation and issues, you can expect to spend 2-8 months with us.

5. So who has the best swing in golf?

Well Tiger Woods in the PGA of course! We have actually worked with him and about 75% of the pros on the tour. Annika Sorenstam has the best swing in the LPGA in my opinion. Arturo Saro is a great up-and-coming young golfer also; he’s like #2 or #3 in the Los Angeles area right now.

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