Friday, March 7, 2008

5 Places to Find March Madness Brackets

Hey, you can never start planning too soon and with the madness just around the corner its time to get ready! I trolled the web and found 5 sources for NCAA basketball brackets that range from low-tech printable to fully interactive with prizes.

1. Microsoft’s Office Online has both women’s and men’s that are downloadable programs with trackers. Both applications are Excel-based and require Excel 2007 in order to run.

2. Facebook has 17 different interactive bracket applications when I performed the search last night. The application developed by Watercooler,, and SI Challenge have the most members at this point. You do need to have a Facebook account to take part.

3. The traditional, low-tech version from Doc’s sports is free and printable. Be advised that this site is primarily a sports betting service although the bracket is a free pdf that has no strings attached.

4. Another printable bracket is available at This site claims to have the best information on every topic the web has without pop up ads. I didn’t look for anything else bit the free bracket.

5. ESPN has their annual Tournament Challenge that has cash prizes. Participation is free but you have to create an account.

As for me - I’ll likely contemplate picks, fill out a bracket, and then get distracted with other sports. By the time the Final Four comes around I’ll check it and see that I picked really badly again this year. Afterward, I’ll wipe away the solitary tear and go back to following something else and resolve to pay more attention next year! It’s a vicious cycle.

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