Monday, March 1, 2010

5 Things I Love About My Health & Fitness Plan

Yep, I'm here to go on and on about my health and fitness routine again. I can't help it, I feel GREAT! My overall plan includes not only exercise and eating right, but also visiting the right health care professional for injuries and/or regular checkups. Seriously, there is no ONE piece that could survive alone and work.

The five things I really love about getting in better shape overall:

1. No naps! My energy level is quite enjoyable. No more wishing for a nap in the afternoons.

2. My skin!
Yeah, as someone who spends a lot of time in the sun I really worry about my skin. I'm always covered and/or sunblocked but I've noticed a definite change. My skin seems brighter and more supple.

3. No pain! One of the best things lately is that the nagging shoulder pain that I've had for about a decade is nearly non-existent now! Celebrate! Woo! I can't tell you how great it is to really have full strength when I paddle a surfboard or drive a golf ball. It's pretty epic.

4. My jeans are bigger!
It was never in my goals to "lose weight" or "get to a smaller size" since I was already pretty satisfied with those numbers. It does, however, always feel great to have your clothes become a bit large on you and have people notice that you're looking more fit! It's always an ego boost!

5. The possibilities are endless!
It's only been about two months since I've really been taking this very seriously. I can't wait to see what I can accomplish by the summer!

In case you missed it before, check out @kokogirl on Twitter to learn more about her Twitter Trim Up Challenge.

If you need some workout plan info, check out the Fitness website for many different plans. They also have email newsletters with daily tips. Mike from Ruthless Golf has also put together a series of fitness-related posts, mostly as they relate to golf.

How's your fitness plan coming this year?


Lindsay said...

It's always been one of my goals to eat even healthier, but even in the last year or so I've noticed some big differences just by eating less processed food and more natural, organic and raw food. For one thing, I don't get sick, ever. I believe that's also because I get enough exercise and fresh air. I notice a lot of people get out of breath doing simple things like going up the stairs. Not me!

I worry about my skin a lot because I'm outside so much. Even if I am always wearing SPF 50, I'm outside so much that I worry my skin is more damaged than most people my age. Besides always wearing sunscreen, one thing I can do is drink tons of water - always healthy for skin and everything else.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yep, I was waiting for the elevator in the parking garage today and it wasn't coming so I went up for the 4 flights and was barely winded!

As for skin - I bet you're doing better than most. I know I went to the dermatologist for a check up last year and am not very happy with her input so I am seeking a second opinion. Sunblock, cover, hydration, and diet all contribute to healthy skin.

Lindsay said...

I've been thinking of going to a dermatologist too just to get an opinion and hopefully some peace of mind. On the other hand, I know I should be healthy no matter what.

It probably also makes a difference that only my face is exposed for six months of the year!

Apryl DeLancey said...

You should - might as well be safe! I've got to get my appointment scheduled here soon. PT has been taking up my spare appointment time lately!