Monday, October 19, 2009

5 Questions Football Reruns

It is getting to be that time where IWFL and WFA teams are starting up team tryouts for the next season. The Southern California Breakers recently announced their tryout schedule as have many others around the country.

An excellent source for information about women's football is the Women's Football Talk website and radio show.

For those of you that aren't new around here you know that I have covered the Southern California Breakers for the last two seasons. Here's a rerun of some of the interviews I've done with the team:

5 More Questions About The Southern California Breakers

5 Questions With A Professional Football Lineman

5 Questions With A Kicker

5 Questions With Ocho Cinco

5 Questions With A Running Back

If you've never been to an IWFL or WFA game you really should go. Tickets are very affordable and you get to watch elite athletes playing full-contact, NFL-style football. The games are a family affair and there are usually young boys and girls throwing a ball around outside of the field to emulate the teams. The players are more accessible and very appreciative of all of the fans. Here in SoCal there are raffles, giveaways, and other outside events with the teams.

Check the IWFL and WFA websites for a team near you and get out to support your local athletes!


Lindsay said...

I checked out the WFA web site. I did not know there were so many teams. And I did not know Minnesota had a team. Same with the IWFL.

Could you tell me the differences between the two leagues? Or, point me to an existing post where you answered that question.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I believe the difference has to do with administrative structure. I know that Women's Football Talk would have the exact answer. The blog link is in my sidebar and they've got a radio show that you can call in or live chat with and ask the specifics.

They have similarities and the WFA just came into existence last season, I believe.

Lindsay said...

OK! Thank you for the info!