Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dear Los Angeles Dodgers...

Dear Los Angeles Dodgers,

I am writing to you today to and plead with you. Los Angeles needs a World Series win. We've had the "Dodger Blues" for so long that that we are numb to the years that pass by in disappointment. Please end our misery.

As a Los Angeles native, some of my happiest childhood memories are listening to Vin Scully call the games. Somewhere there would be a television on and you would hear that distinct voice giving odd anecdotes about each player as he went to bat. Players stayed with teams longer then and you'd become so familiar with them it would be as if they were your family members. It was like Uncle Vin, Uncle Tommy, and the boys. If you couldn't go see them at the Ravine they were in your living room.

It's very nice to have Vin and Tommy hanging around today. I know they aren't getting any younger though and shudder to think of a Dodgers organization without their presence.

These gems won't be around forever so I implore you - win this year. Win for Vin & Tommy, for Los Angeles, and for ME DARN IT. Well, by ME I mean the fans. All of us. We deserve it. I wanna go to the parade downtown.

A Lifelong Fan


Vince Spence said...

Still cannot believe you guys stole the Dodgers from Brooklyn. I'll never forgive you.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Okay, they came willingly to the sunny skies and beautiful beaches/mountains/desert of SoCal. That was a long time ago and you're in Baltimore!

Have a great weekend Vince!

Becky Leetch said...

Now see, if you were an Angels fan, you wouldn't have to be writing this letter to Dodgertown.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, except I bleed Dodger Blue and even though they are like that horrible boyfriend that messes with my head all of the time I just can't dump them.