Thursday, October 22, 2009

No Major Rant Here - Just A Small One

Congratulations Phillies fans!
Off to the World Series again!

I could rant and rave and answer all of that crap I've heard all night about Los Angeles. You know, all that stereotype garbage that transplants and baseball fans in other cities like to spout off? I'm not going to do that.

It occurred to me - why bother? You've made up your mind. You should just go with it!

I mean seriously, there is a completely different world when you are born and raised here. First off, 85% of the people surrounding you are too.

We aren't star gazing, trying to be discovered, getting surgery, spending our last dollar on a knock-off Prada bag, being seen where there is a scene, or trying to "dress the part".

If I know you I just might take you to that surfing or hiking spot that you would only know about if you grew up here. One day I just might share the route I take to Chavez Ravine or Staples that makes it easier.

Then again I might not.

I'll only offer this grouchy statement - if you hate us, please leave. I won't come live in your hometown and complain about how awful it is and how mine is better. I know mine is better for me.

That's why I'll never leave.

I love LA!


Unknown said...

I love it..!!

I won't let my daughter visit L.A. anymore. Every time she goes, she doesn't want to come back home.

I bet you and I mention our hometowns more than any other golf bloggers on the planet.

I love L.A. Almost as much as Baltimore.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I bet we do!

Baltimore rocks - I love Inner Harbor, Camden Yards, and Fell's Point!

Lindsay said...

Guess I'll have to visit LA and make sure I have an open mind!

Apryl DeLancey said...

We have awesome places to run, hike, and camp so you'll love it!