Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Andy Murray's Head Radical Messenger Contest

Hey all - don't forget to enter to win some tennis prizes from HEAD and Andy Murray. I first posted about this last week and you've all been slow to respond. It is a bit different since you have to go put your email information in another site but it is simple:

All you have to do to enter go to this website, follow the on screen instructions and ’shoot a message’ to my email address:


with the answer to the following question..

What is Andy Murray’s current world ranking?

Three correct entries drawn out at random will win either a Microgel Raptor OS Racquet, a HEAD Radical backpack, or a HEAD limited edition wrist band.

You do need to be patient and wait for the animation to guide you through. It only takes about a minute. Send a message to yourself or someone else to see how it works. When done right, there is a link to open with a virtual screen that has a virtual tennis ball smash it with the message.

Hurry - you only have until Friday, October 9.

P.S. The company has not sent me any of the merchandise nor have they paid me anything for this contest. I will send the information of the three winners to them and the prizes are shipping directly from Germany.


SBhacker said...

Not sure if I did it right as my computer's sound wasn't working and I may have missed some important instructions. But I'll find out!

Lindsay said...

By the way SBHacker was me. I was logged in as my boyfriend by accident. I was not with it at all yesterday.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Haha, I was wondering.

I've done that before though. I was logged in as my hubby on a forum once and my comment made no sense as him!

Vince Spence said...

Should I assume I did not win this contest either. For a while, it was a coin toss between you and Flo.

Sorry, Apryl, Flo gives me stuff and I like stuff. Can we still be friends? It has been real...

Apryl DeLancey said...

I haven't announced the winners yet Vince. Hold your horses there buddy!