Friday, October 23, 2009

Surfing Cracks Me Up

I was talking about surfing with a friend of mine yesterday (actually, I use that term "friend" loosely). This person has lived here about two years and is one of those that thinks they are telling me new, exciting things to do in my hometown all the time. They never stop to think that I probably already have done it or know about since I grew up here and all. Anyhow, that is a different rant.

So back on track - this person made me realize how much surfing really cracks me up.

When I was a kid the "locals only" theme was quite prevalent. I mean bad. I watched people do some really stupid things over the years. I'll spare you the gory details.

Lately, it seems like worrying about what everyone else thinks is the really big deal. Some are quite concerned with using the correct lingo and others are freaked out about having the right brand of wetsuit. The person that I was referring to earlier is one of these that worry about both and much more. They try very hard to look the part, say the right thing, surf the right break, etc.

Other sports are no different. For example, golf is notoriously "clicky" and affected as well. Don't scowl, you know it is. You surfers know that surfing is too. Go ahead - flame, hate, whatever. You know I'm right.

What's the point today? I guess I don't really have one. I was simply observing how, if you let it, attitudes of those that participate in your favorite activities can bring you down. Down let them.

It's all pretty funny to me. On the course or in the water - I really don't give a rat's rear what you think of me or how I look. I've never needed to make sure I have all the right equipment or gear to fit in.

Relax, surfing is supposed to be fun. So is golf.


Scott said...

It's only a game....yep, and it's supposed to be fun.

Apryl DeLancey said...

It's all fun, I agree!

Lindsay said...

Ha! I can't believe someone asked "How do I look like a surfer?" Um...

I notice that running isn't very clicky. Maybe that's because so many people look nerdy when they run (I do), and because 5Ks and marathons bring in so many different types of people of all ages and from all over. Some have been training for a few weeks, some have been running for decades. You also don't need a lot of expensive equipment.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I know - is that priceless or what!