Thursday, October 29, 2009

And The Whining Commences

Okay, you can say there is no crying in baseball but I don't see Tom Hanks or a movie set anywhere so whine away I will.

This McCourt divorce thing has gone from annoying to absurd! Apparently the Mrs. traveled around Europe on "team business" with a subordinate and had an affair. Okay, as a fan that has been screaming for some real money to be put into the team I have to call BS. What the heck sort of team business is in Italy? It's great to know where my ticket money is going.

These owners disgusted me some time ago and this is the very first year that I can remember where I didn't buy any new Dodgers merchandise. Thank goodness! They don't freaking need any more of my money. In fact, since they are worth over a billion dollars, they don't need anyone's money.

They raised the price of parking to allegedly make it easier to leave the stadium. That didn't happen. They claimed that they were going to build neighborhood baseball fields instead of paying superstars. That didn't happen. Next, the big idea was to make a mall next to Chavez Ravine. Good thing that didn't happen - that was obviously a ploy to line their pockets more.

Now Jamie vows to get the funds to buy the team and Frank claims he's gonna keep the Dodgers. Great. These jerks are going to use a well-established, well-loved team as a negotiating chip in their freaking personal issues.

I understand that owning a team is a business and there are money-making decisions that have to be made that come with building the franchise. However, it has been abundantly clear from the start that the McCourts cared NOTHING about building anything but their bank account. They could have kept star players that they traded away or spent more on bringing some big bats. Instead, we get has-beens at the twilight of their careers. They took for granted that Chavez Ravine sells out game after game. If I was a conspiracy-theorist type I would ask if they are bitter since they failed to buy their hometown team in Boston.

I've asked before and I'll ask again - please just sell the team to new owners. Please get the heck out of my hometown - make that my entire home state and take your bickering back to the East Coast. Californians are sick of big-money, spoiled jackasses using our icons to satisfy their own selfish needs.

And yeah, that is how I really feel. Deal with it.


Vince Spence said...

A, You can't cry in baseball, but YOU can always whine in a night gown...

Neat background on Jamie Luskin-McCourt. She is from Baltimore and her dad, Jack Luskin, is known to every single person in the Balto/Wash area over the age of thirty. He owned a huge chain of consumer electronic stores. His slogan was buy from "the cheapest guy in town". Her brother, Cary, owns a few similar type stores in the area.

So, if Jamie gets a 'cheap' in her divorce negotiations, she comes by it honestly.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Haha! Thanks for the background. I just wish she and her hubby would be cheap on their own coast and leave my hometown team out of it.

Oh, and we tend not to take movie quotes seriously here in the heart of screenland and therefore crying in baseball is allowed. Period.

Vince Spence said...

That is NOT a movie quote. It is a spiritual axiom.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, we don't follow those either!