Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Tuesday Blogspotting

Today's video is from an upcoming surf flick that looks ultra cool. Why do I have to go in to the office today...I need to retire so I can just surf and golf. Oh and look at how cool this surfboard is that I saw the other day. Nice.

Speaking of cool, check out these irons. If only Fourteen had readily available lefty clubs. Speaking of cool clubs, I REALLY WANT this putter (in lefty, of course). Yes, I have an addiction to collecting golf clubs and surfboards. It could be worse.

Oh yeah, just what is up with Tiger Woods and appearance money?

Hockey season is upon us and our pal Casey is about the Penguins for KDKA, the Pittsburgh CW affiliate. Cool!

Oh and back to the water - have you ever surfed at night? I found an interesting story about such an adventure.

Don't forget to enter the latest WLS contest here: I'm having a contest to help me with a contest. Just click this link and leave me a comment about what costume you think I should wear for the Halloween surfing contest that I'm entering.

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